shoeless is driven by three basic ideas:

Learn to fish

shoeless knows that its clients are brilliant people who may have a couple of holes in their knowledge. Rather than exploiting those holes to rack up the consulting fees, shoeless uses each project as a learning opportunity for the client teams, enabling them to fill the gaps of their knowledge and freeing them to spend those funds on improving their product.

Keep it simple

Jargon. Double speak. Weighty processes. Life sucking meetings. shoeless hates these things as much as you do and sees them for what they are: fa├žades for cluelessness and barriers to greatness. Figure out what you need, then do that and no more. Clear and lightweight processes leave plenty of room for the things that matter: creativity and productivity.

Lose the shoes

shoeless isn’t just a name, it’s a state of mind. People do their best work in an environment where they feel comfortable. This means no pretension, no condescension, no business suits and no shoes. Free your toes and your mind will follow.