technical management

Programming, database administration, operations. Each of these requires years of experience and training in specialized skills. While some of these skills translate between roles, most of them do not. The same goes for management. The skills necessary for a good programmer are not the same as those necessary for a good technical or business manager.

There are growing pains in any company or project. shoeless has fourteen years of experience in the tech industry. In those years, we’ve filled all of these roles and understand what you, your people and your company are going through. We can help with your


On average, twenty five percent of new companies started in America fail in their first year. For technical startups, the percentage is closer to ninety.

Beating those averages requires a lot more than a great idea and the hottest technology. It requires careful and methodical planning and execution. shoeless helps you every step of the way, from choosing the right legal business structure to creating your first business plan.

Even well-established companies benefit from the fresh perspective provided by an outside observer. shoeless can help locate the assumptions and strategies which may be preventing your company from being as successful and innovative as it could be.


The skills necessary to be a good manager differ greatly from those for writing elegant and maintainable software, but, like coding, these are skills which can be learned.

shoeless offers training and mentoring at all managerial levels, specializing in presenting management and leadership concepts into terms easily understood by the technically minded.


When a project runs into problems, frequently the issue isn’t with what the team is trying to accomplish but rather with how. The right process isn’t the one which everyone else is using. The right process is the one which gets the job done efficiently.

shoeless works with your team to perform needs and resource analyses, determine necessary metrics, define project scope, and develop and institute processes tailored to your team and your project.