technical recruiting

While studies vary, it is generally correct that the costs to fill a skilled technical position will range between 80 and 250 percent of that person’s salary. This includes costs such as the negative hits both to team morale and to productivity.

These (among other) costs can be reduced if the manager or team lead isn’t tied up with endless resume screenings and phone interviews.

shoeless consulting works directly with your team to help you find the perfect person for the job. shoeless will:

  • Consult closely with the team manager and lead to understand the technical and personal requirements for the position.
  • Meet with members of the team and company to gauge their needs and culture.
  • Supplement normal company recruiting methods with additional resources.
  • Filter incoming applicants for suitability.
  • Phone screen applicants.

Allowing shoeless to handle the initial stages of the recruiting process frees your key staff for crucial team leadership activities, preventing loss of project momentum or employee morale. Once shoeless has completed its filtering, all that remains is for your team to perform the in-person interviews and select the best candidate for the job.

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